How To Find an Honest Psychic? Determine If A Psychic Medium Is Legitimate BEFORE You Get a Reading

Question:  What is the easiest way to find out if a psychic is honest?

A:  (and when you’re done reading our response to a subscribers question, check out the additional resources we’ve shared at the links below)

The truth is, you CAN’T know if a psychic medium is GOOD (or super accurate) before your reading, but you CAN know (to some degree) if they’re honest.  

Why:  The nature of psychic readings is hit or miss.  Some of the best and most well known  mediums we feature on our own community, have both tremendously positive, and negative reviews.  There is NO medium that is 100% accurate, 90% accurate or even close, when factored over the fullness of time and a body of work that spans a lifetime of readings.

There ARE however, many ways to tell if that medium is HONEST, all of the time.  Check reviews.  Read up on their experience.  Listen to your gut.  (your own intuition can tell you much more about the honesty of another human being, than just about anything else)  Look for good guarantees and policies that favor the client, customer or caller.  (and NOT the psychic medium)  For example, our recommended phone reading service (Psychic Source) offers money back guarantees that provide complete protection for callers and clients.  Many other psychic mediums (or spiritual advisors of any type) offer none…..which means, if your experience sucks, your stuck and out some cash.

Most important?  Aways start small.  Begin with a small, inexpensive reading or experience to “vett” the psychic, medium, tarot reader or spiritual professional……before you spend money you don’t have, or don’t want to lose, on a bad experience you’ll regret later.

That’s pretty much the best advice we offer ourselves, and the same is true for you.

A psychic medium is someone who claims to have or is believed to have extrasensory capabilities that enable the person to perceive and interpret paranormal forces.

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