Looking for an online psychic? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we break down what to look for before booking an online psychic and what you need to do to prepare you for your reading.

Virtual psychics are more popular than ever.  With covid putting the kibosh on many in person spiritual services, virtual readings of all kinds have grown increasingly popular with those of us looking for some mental health help, spiritual life advice and good old fashioned ethereal entertainment as we cloister at home.

But what should you expect from a psychic reading by phone, chat, zoom or even email?

Our recommended virtual readings for 2021 (Psychic Source, on account of their accuracy, affordability, ethics and vendor partnership across our platform) are as well rated, well reviewed and as recommended as making an appointment with a much higher profile, famous or “celebrity” psychic or medium that could run 3x the cost.

Virtual readings are easy, quite affordable (generally) have good guarantees (Psychic Source has a money back guarantee on all readings, for example) and are a much lower stress experience overall.  (wether in the midst of a pandemic, or in ordinary times)

Some of the drawbacks of a phone or virtual reading?

It can be harder to separate out the genuine providers, from the avalanche of options that are available in the psychic, spiritual advice or fortune telling space.

You need to be careful (NEVER give your financial information to a psychic or medium you see on a forum or social media network that doesn’t have a history of positive reviews, a legitimate website with security protocols (takes Visa/MC and not “venmo” or similar 🙂 or offers up social proof that they’re honest professionals with a history of being in business at a minimum)

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