Psychic Source 2021 Review: 3Reasons To Get a Psychic Readings From Psychic Source (and a free workbook for spiritual seekers)

Thinking about getting an online psychic reading?  Not sure if a phone reading is legitimate?  Wondering which online psychic service is the best….and whether or not a phone reading is a good substitute for seeing a psychic in person?

As we head into 2021 and are still dealing with the full force of lock downs, quarantines, confusion and other Covid 19 complexities, we’re getting many questions from our regular readers about both calling psychic mediums by phone (rather than making an in person appointment) as well as our thoughts and experiences with some of the better known, and popular psychic services like Psychic Source.

Here are a few things you should know if you’re planning on getting a psychic reading in 2021, and are considering a phone network or psychic service.

  1.  There is absolutely NOTHING “less legit” about getting a reading by phone.  On the contrary, the vast majority of scientists and “serious” researchers in the psychic field recommend phone readings, and use them to test the accuracy of mediums around the web…and the world.  Why? Because it’s harder for a psychic to “cold read” or pick up body language cues, or other “reveals” that are quite obvious when seeing someone face to face. (age, health, appearance, even socioeconomic status are all MUCH easier to glean from seeing a human being face to face, than they are by phone)  For this reason, we always prefer (and recommend) calling a psychic when possible, over seeing them in person, EVEN if they live down the street.
  2. Psychic Source (and other online services) are much safer from the standpoint of security, trust and financial risk.  We just heard from a reader that she spent over 1500 to see a celebrity psychic (and traveled many miles to see her) only to have a completely disappointing, and disheartening experience which shattered her faith in the afterlife, in spirituality and in humanity overall.  (she waited months to see this psychic, had a terrible reading and wasn’t able to get a refund, even after the “celebrity” psychic got nothing right in a 60 minute session, and admitted she was “off”)  With phone readings, you are much more likely to get your money back if you have a bad or less than stellar experience.  Furthermore, Psychic networks like Psychic Source offer 100% money back guarantees…..meaning you literally have zero to lose.
  3. Psychic Source has been a long time partner of our platform, and we’ve had nothing but honest, ethical and transparent experiences with all levels of their professional platform.  (from problem solving issues, to responding to questions within minutes or hours, and in general, being an honest and incredibly open partner of our platform as we’ve grown over the years….with hundreds of reader readings for our audience, and not one complaint in more than 7 years of referrals….a record unmatched by any of the psychics or mediums we’ve written about, or reviewed on our community, including some of the most expensive, and famous psychics, mediums and spiritual authors in the world.

The bottom line?  If you are thinking about getting a reading in 2021, we can wholeheartedly recommend Psychic Source as honest, accurate, entertaining, and quite unique in the landscape of spiritual advice services.  If you get a reading from Psychic Source and use our referral code (22759) we will also send you an amazing workbook on the easiest way to discover your life purpose in 2021 using a timeless technique for spiritual transformation that you’ll hear about nowhere else…..and yet, is the most powerful tool in our community toolbox for waking up, showing up and rediscovering magic, meaning and mojo in everyday life.  (simply send us an email – – tell us when you had your reading – and we’ll send you the workbook within 24 hours)




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