For Empaths Only: What Does the Universe Want to Do Through You? (A call to arms)

NEW: A crash course for empaths, healers, and spiritual seekers ready to wake up the world with your words…and work. Join us below!

For those of you who identify as empaths, healers, light workers and spiritually sensitive people….we are super excited to be launching a new course (and community) specifically for our readers who want to amp UP your natural gifts. We’re living in quite extraordinary times. Things feel challenging, confusing and especially overwhelming for those of us who are already unusually sensitive to our circumstances, and atmosphere. But for those willing to dive in and explore, there is always a diamond or two hidden in the bag of glass. We believe that there has never been a better time, or greater opportunity to seize your spiritual gifts, and actually AWAKEN to the unique work the universe wants to do THROUGH you. If you are an empath, a healer or self proclaimed light worker, NOW is the time to step into the sacred space that beckons.

There are 3 universal, dharmic, karmic, and spiritual laws that every true light worker, spiritual seeker or intuitive empath must grasp when waking up to her (or his!) true potential.

1. Dharma – your personal role in the evolution of the universe
2. Kriya – frictionless flow and effortless action. Embodying your unique spiritual gifts through activism and right action.
3. Karma – actions that bind you to specific circumstances and life conditions.

When you are living your dharma, your spiritual action is kriya. When you are stuck, spinning your wheels and suffering……most often, it’s because you are NOT living your dharma, and instead…..trapped by the borders, buckets and boundries you’ve built around yourself. (karma)

If you are serious about transforming both yourself…and the world around you, we invite you to join us on what we hope will be the next chapter, in the great awakening of our lifetimes. Alone we can change a neighborhood. But together we can change the world. Join us!

NEW: A crash course for empaths, healers, and spiritual seekers ready to wake up the world with your words…and work. Join us below!

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