Where is My 3rd Eye?

The 3rd eye is the sacred space where mystical visions arise. It is an opening. A type of wisdom. A type of seeing that is far different than what you may be used to now. It doesn’t really involve the “eyes” (although some healers, shamans and visionaries believe there is a real organ – the pineal gland, associated with third eye phenomena)

The third eye is an opening. An awareness. An expanded awareness where much more comes into view. Visions of the future. Echos and understandings of the past. A curtain between the cosmos seems to split, and a window into a wild, weird and wonderful world begins to open.

Many people have single, surreal third eye experiences that last a moment, and forever change the way they see the world. Others amongst us “see” from the third eye everyday, as a magical, mysterious and richly meaningful way of navigating the world.

To join our community of healers, empaths, and spiritual teachers who have mastered the art of expanded awareness (through the third eye and beyond) join us here.

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