We had an interesting question today by someone in our community: “Are Shaman’s known to be psychic, and what should I do if a Shaman i’m working with starts talking to invisible entities, spirits or my guardian angels? ”

This particular person was not a big believer in angels or spirit guides, but DID want to have a spiritual experience with a healer.

2 Things you should know about ALL Shaman’s:

1. They are human, just like you and me. This means there are going to be some who are full of shit, and some who are not great at their work, and some who are in fact, something special.
2. Many shaman’s think of themselves as more of a medium through which a message flows. (or words, or wisdom or any sort of experience that the healer or teacher seeks to share with you) Some Shaman’s work exclusively with plant medicines (like psylosibin/magic mushrooms or DMT based plants like Ayauasca) Others use Rekei or other healing modalities. The key is, keep an open mind, but don’t let your brains fall out. There are many gifted light workers who use many different sorts of “titles” – just because someone calls themselves a shaman (even if they live in an exotic place!) doesn’t automatically make them true, or trustworthy.

Remember that your journey is your journey. Stay on your path. KEep your eyes open. Stay humble and full of positivity and purpose. The universe’s secrets will reveal themselves to you through anyone you meet…..that is the real secret they won’t tell you during an expensive retreat!

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