What is an Empath? How to Tell if You’re a Spiritually Sensitive Person

What is the real definition of an empath? Am I an empath, or am I just super sensitive? Is there a difference and why does it even matter?

There are lots of great definitions of what is means to be an empath. Our favorite is, you experience the emotional energy of others from the inside. You are a spiritual sponge…and are greatly affected by the moods, motivations and energetic output of others who are in close proximity to your physical (or psychological) self.

Empaths make great friends, too. There are very few people who will truly understand what you’re going through in a time of need….than an empath. (as she will REALLY feel what it is that you’re going through!)

What about you? What empathic qualities are strongest in you? Which are the ones you’d like to cultivate or explore? Share with us on Facebook…..or in the community comments below.

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