Loving an empath can be difficult.  It can also be a heady rush…..exciting and inspiring in ways that no other relationship can be.

Why?  Because loving an empath can often feel like looking a mirror and being afraid of what you see.  A true empath will often reflect back exactly what you don’t want to face, what you fear and what you’d rather not see.

Being in a relationship with an empath is like being forced to be truthful for the very first time, with yourself….and with the person that you love most.

It can be hurtful, haunting and yet, incredibly liberating all at the same time.  Because a true empath won’t buy your bullshit.  She knows.  And you know she knows.  Which is scary and can leave you feeling more vulnerable than you’ve ever felt before.

The way you survive a relationship with a real empath is simple.  Get ready to get raw.  To realize that spiritually……we’re all here to help each other, to elevate each other and to be the most authentic, honest and transparent versions of ourselves possible.

An empath doesn’t have all the answers.  I know that now.  But at least for me, she forced me to ask different questions.   The answers won’t always be easy.  I know that now.  But the journey will be real.  And unlike most others who swim in the shallow end of life, forcing me into the deep end, where it’s scary and not safe but endlessly more exciting…..that might be the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.  And for that, I thank her.

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