Did Psychics Predict the Coronavirus? Separating Fact From Fiction on Psychic Predictions for the End of the World


Doomsday warnings are spreading online, blending coronavirus fears with everything from political paranoia to references from the Bible.

Did a psychic predict the coronavirus?  Or more specifically, WHICH psychics foresaw a pandemic that would put our future as a species at risk?  Did famous psychic Sylvia Browne write about the coronavirus in her best selling “End of Days” book more than a decade and a half ago?  And if not….why not?

We are getting many questions about psychic predictions regarding the coronavirus – and we are doing our best to answer these questions with honest, transparent and straightforward facts, rather than fictions.

Ironically…..the first message I got about the Coronavirus and psychic predictions actually came from one of the more outspoken skeptics and cynics in my family.    She had read some of the quasi end of the world predictions  from Sylvia Browne’s “End of Days”, one passage in particular that seemed to predict a respiratory virus that would infect (and afflict) most of society in 2020.

The truth is, Sylvia Browne got most of her predictions, on most topics, completely wrong.  And believe it or not, it’s not very hard to have predicted (much like many non psychic types like Bill Gates and many other epidimiology minded entrepreneurs, technologists, futurists and simple scientists) that another pandemic was coming, and that we were gravely unprepared.

So before you lend credence to that psychic predication, or that psychic personality who claims to have known this was coming…….keep your mind open, but don’t let your brains fall out.

If Sylvia Browne was right about THIS – it’s one of the only things she got right in a career of making bold predictions that didn’t come true.

So in these very dire times – don’t let panic, or supernatural predictions, guide how you go forward.  Instead, rely on science and data.

The best psychics we know, the folks who are responsible, ethical and upstanding, aren’t in the business of making end of the world predictions.  They are too cliche.  And too easy to make – especially when you look 20 years into the future to do it.  (Sylvia’s book was published about 15 years ago – but written, a bit closer to 20)

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