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Are you an inspirational author?  A spiritual teachers?  A heroic healer?  A luminous light-worker who is ready to share your natural intuitive gifts with the world?  Apply to Join us on a spiritual & entrepreneurial adventure that will change the world…and transform your life!

We are running a brand new 90 day community challenge for all of the amazing empaths, aspiring authors and transformational teachers in our community who have an uplifting, inspiring and healing message that they want to share with the world.

We have worked with many of the top psychic mediums, spiritual teachers and inspirational authors in the world through our community and we’d love the opportunity to help YOU change the world with your work in 2020…and well beyond.  Interested?  Our brand new 90 day challenge starts on March 21st.

Interested in joining us and changing the world (and your life) in 2020?  If you’re feeling called to exponentially increase your audience, impact and income in the next 12 months as an empath, inspirational author or  spiritual teacher, apply to join us at the link below!  (you can also visit us on Facebook and learn more about our community, here)

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