Stephanie Arnold Predicted Her Own Death (and lived to tell about it) Watch her Amazing NDE StoryMeet the mom who predicted her own death (and lived to tell about it)

When Stephanie Arnold went to the hospital for an emergency C-section, she predicted she would die. And she was right: she flatlined for 37 seconds. She tells Megyn Kelly that should could see what was happening in the OR and elsewhere during her near-death experience, and says she continues to have premonitions today. “I fought; It was not comfortable.”

This is one of the most remarkable NDE stories you will ever read.  (and it’s 100% true……as evidenced by the fact that Stephanie Arnold actually documented all of her predictions in a very public way, well before they came to pass)  Definitely worth watching and reading, especially if you’re skeptical about near death experiences, psychic abilities and precognitive dreams.

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