We are looking for 10 new inspirational authors, healers, empaths and spiritual seekers to contribute to a new book!  (the book is on Mindfulness and meditation, it will be published in April of 2022, and you can apply to join us, here)

We have also partnered with a mindfulness based platform for spiritual teachers, inspirational authors and “enlightened” entrepreneurs to help many of the teachers in our community get their first books published in 2022.  If you have plans to write an inspirational, meditation or self help/spiritual growth book in the next 12 months, we’d love to help!  Simply email us (mindfulmarketplace.com@gmail.com) to join our private community and we’ll share details!  (if you’re a mindfulness teacher, yogi or spiritual seeker, reach out and say hi!)

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Feel free to email us at hi@mindfulmarketplace.com!

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