>Do empaths have an easy time falling in love? Do empaths tend to get hurt more easily in relationships? Is it more common for empaths to get emotionally attached to our partners far too fast….and hold on to relationship wounds and scars far longer than most?

We asked a few of our favorite love psychics and emotional intuitive’s to give us some of their best advice for those emotionally sensitive people who are struggling this Valentines Day – or seeking out new relationships to move past the pain of a broken heart.

If you’re an empath, you probably identify with some of the below.

1. #Empaths are far more likely to be #Demisexual – which means, we are aroused (and attracted) to those we have deep emotional connections to. (emotional attraction is primary for many #empaths, and physical attraction usually follows)

2. Empaths, #healers and #lightworkers tend to also favor relationships that have a “karmic” feeling – or a connection that FEELS like it transcends individual lifetimes or circumstances. (empaths tend to gravitate to other old souls, much like us)

3. Empaths, by our very nature, love far more deeply, and are far more likely to feel a whole spectrum of amplified emotions during relationships. This can feel intense, even overwhelming, and can lead some empaths to avoid intimacy overall.

The key, according to Jane from Psychic Source, is to love deeply, but wisely.

CHOOSE your partners carefully, empaths. Your relationships are going to be as unique as you are. You are a wise soul in most areas of your life…..but if you’re like many of us, you may rush into relationships without regard to your own spiritual sensitivities or proclivity to pick the wrong partners.

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Empaths ALSO tend to be much better lovers!  (and believe it or not, there has been some good science as to why 🙂  It shouldn’t be a surprise that empath’s are even more generous in “intimate” experiences with those we feel a connection to, as we are with the emotional energies of strangers we encounter in the world.  This means that empaths tend to get very immersed in the actual experience of intimacy, which can lead to deep emotional, energetic and erotic experiences for both partners.  (Andrea Liza and the Empaths Survival Guide talk quite a bit about how empaths can be even better “in bed” and if you haven’t checked that out, we highly recommend it!)

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