10 Signs You’re a LightWorker (and probably a natural spiritual leader, too!)

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Are you you light worker? Do you find yourself gravitating to the helping, healing or “heroic” careers or vocations?

Does spiritual service feel like a natural fit for your gifts? And, like many of us, do you feel like you’re EMPATHIC gifts are your greatest strength?

  1. Read: One of our more popular articles on the 10 signs you are a light worker, and the sorts of opportunities you you may want to explore as as a result.
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  3. Share!  Tell us what you’re biggest challenges are as a healer, empath light worker. Where do you find your biggest blocks?  How do you find your desire to change the world intersects with your every day life?
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What do empaths do differently?


  1. Ask.
  2. Listen
  3. Receive
  4. Believe

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what do empaths see

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