10 Signs You’re a Healer

were you born to be a natural healer? What does it FEEL like to be an empath from the inside out? Does a life of spiritual service sound like the only true path for you? What makes a light worker or healer tick? Some of our favorite resources on waking up to your life purpose as an intuitive empath, spiritual seeker or heroic healer.

1. You have a strong sense of connection and commitment to a community (or cause) that transcends your own individual identity
2. You have a strong sense of being a birthright “Bodhisattva” (someone who has come into the world to alleviate the suffering of all beings, while delaying or giving up the rewards of immediate enlightenment)
3. You have endured a crucible or crisis of consciousness or connection to the world (this is often called a “dark night of the soul” experience and can be a sickness, a suffering or a chasm you’ve crossed to get the place and space you find yourself now)
4. You’re a lucid dreamer (both in your daytime dreams, and in your nocturnal adventures)
5. You are deeply empathetic to the suffering of others (you are a natural empath, meaning you can easily feel the interiority of others experiences, through your own body/mind)
6.You have strong deja vu experiences. (the feeling of having been here before, to do the spiritual work of many lifetimes)
7. You tend to avoid or eschew all forms of divisive dogma, while embracing a more ecumenical form of spirituality and personal growth (said more simply, you are far more likely to be spiritual, rather than religious)
8. You gravitate to nature and natural things
9. You have higher than normal psychic abilities and experiences that some would call “paranormal” (both precognitive visions of the future as well as “mediumistic” experiences where you’ve seen or felt the “other side”
10. You may have had experiences with psychedelics, and other natural medicines (mushrooms, peyote and other ceremonial psychedelics used for healing and spiritual growth)
11. You have a small but tight group of friends/peers who are also in the helping/healing spaces. (you vibe with a #spiritual tribe….either online, in person, or both)

Other common qualities many healers, empaths and “lightworkers” have in common?

Meditation, or some form of mindfulness, kindfulness or introspection/contemplation is VERY important to your mental health and spiritual sanity.  (and if you’re not meditating now, you really ought to start soon!)

You probably enjoy psychic experiences –  psychic medium readings, tarot card readings, past life readings, and other types of interactive encounters where you are learning about your life purpose through unusual and unconventional (but fun!) experiences!



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