1. Mediums are instantly thrust into a universe that is  foreign to the vast majority of us.  The see and sense spirits, and embrace a world view through direct experience, that most of us are unable to see.
  2. Are mediums born special?  Absolutely not. It’s easy to believe that you’ve got to be born with a “gift” to be a medium…..but the truth is, the vast majority of spiritual experiences are had by ordinary people, who have extraordinary adventures in the ethereal realms.
  3. Seeing a “ghost” will change your life….forever.  Simply stated, you can’t unsee it.  If you’ve had a REAL paranormal experience, it’s very difficult to explain it away, or convince yourself it was purely a function of your imagination.  A hallmark of all spiritually transformative experiences is their ability to completely transform your world view…..things that once seemed impossible, seem suddenly, to be perfectly plausible to those of us who seek out spiritual growth.

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