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Do you have a spirit guide?  We believe you do.  here is the secret to connecting with your guides in an evidential way – so that you can get the empowering insights you need to believe.  (rather than reading an article that sounds good in the moment…..but when it matter most, you can’t summon the spiritual strength to feel inspired)

Here are the 4 steps we recommend for connecting with your guides on your own . (no mediums required)

  1. Ask
  2. Listen
  3. Receive
  4. Believe

This is really the 4 step sequence that you need to implement if you want to have deep, powerful and transformative experiences with your guides and angels….without having to trust others that they’re there.

The key to channeling your guides?

Meditation and deep sleep.

Fact – the #1 most popular way our guides come through?

Dream visitation experiences.  (when it comes to the 10 signs you have a spirit guide – 4 of the ten come from dreams – 1. precognitive dreams 2. Evidential spirit dreams (your guide gives you access to information you didn’t have before) 2. hyper lucid (realer than real) visitations and transformative/healing dreams  (where a sickness is cured or healed through the experience alone)

Of course there are the others – waking visual and auditory experiences for example.  Smell or other sensory experiences (perfume, cigars or any other super specific scent you associate with a previous person that would not arise in your life without them)

Hearing a type of music your loved one either played often – or played themselves is another.  (piano when no piano is present for example 🙂

And of course, there are channeled messages and guide guidance that comes from some other source you’ve never met or from some angel or personal protector you didn’t know in life.  These are quite often reported by our readers and can be quite extraordinary.

Have you had a near death experience?  These are yet another trigger for spirit guide or guardian angel visits.  if yes… can be fairly certain you’ve brought a bit of the other world BACK with you to this one!


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