Psychic Matt Fraser’s on TV (Meet the Frasers Debut’s on E!)

Monday’s debut of “Meet the Frasers” on the E! network will turn up the spotlight on Cranston native Fraser, his pageant-winning girlfriend and…..

Matt Fraser is one of the more popular psychic mediums on our community.  And when I say “popular”, we mean there is a wide disparity of opinions on him, his readings and his “psychic” abilities overall.  We’ve had many readers and subscribers share their experiences and readings with Matt Fraser, with a pretty stark spectrum of opinions and experiences.  (simply use the search bar and input “Matt Fraser” , or navigate to this page, with over 67 community comments, here)

The truth?  It’s always up to the individual to make up your own mind when it comes to anyone who claims to have extraordinary spiritual gifts…..whether that’s a psychic or medium or a “healer” of any other sort as well.    Your own intuition and gut should be your guide – and quite often, that’s not something you can get from a TV show, a negative recounting of reading or experience or anything short of allowing your own intuitive antenna to rise up and feel around 🙂

Are you planning on watching Meet the Frasers?  Are you convinced that Matt Fraser is a gifted medium?  If not….why not?  And whatever else you may think or say – Matt is a charismatic person – and no doubt, he’ll be adding many more fans to his corner in the days and weeks to come!  We’ll be tuning in…and hope so too will you!

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