5 Career Tips for Lightworkers (How to Find Your Calling As a Lightworker)


Many lightworkers get stuck in finding the ‘how’ of their purpose. How can you actively engage in finding your calling.

What sort of work can you do as a lightworker you ask, right?  Are you destined for a career doing work you loathe….while daydreaming about doing the work you love?  The truth is, there has never been a better time to earn an amazing income as a light worker, healer or empath.  (nor has there ever been a time that the world needed heroic healers, helpers and luminious lightworkers MORE than right now)

lightworker careers

We’ve put together a free report on some of the very best types of jobs for lightworkers.  (you can download it from our mindfulmarketplace sister site, here)

In the meantime, for those of you wondering what types of jobs you can if you love working with people.

1.  Inspirational Author (you can write short books and publish them on Amazon for easy income AND build your client base as well)

2.  Transformational Teacher (turn your love for spiritual growth and exploring the ethereal realms into short courses that you can share with your growing community….for an amazing income!  Teaching on platforms like Podia – Udemy or even free services like Gumroad is a great way to build an audience of fans, followers and subscribers….a small percentage of whom  WILL become clients)

3.  Blogging Bodhisattva (start a helping/healing or empowering blog and monetize it with affiliate offers)

4. IF you have a real psychic or genuine spiritual gift?  Do readings!  We help our members empath tips for businesslaunch successful psychic and spiritual businesses each and every month – and if you have a genuine gift, we’re happy to get you started!  (email us – suddenlypsychic@gmail.com and put “help me” in the subject line for a free lightworker business consultation – if you’re ready, we can feature you HERE on our site and drive lots of new clients your way!)

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