Is it rare to be an empath?

Not according to the thousands of visitors we get to our community every week……asking questions about their own experiences with being especially sensitive to the emotional and energetics of others.

The OLD idea around what it means to be an empath are completely outdated and in our view, pretty much obsolete.

The OLD way?  You’d have to be a tree hugging, spirit channeling, bead wearing new age “nut” to call yourself an empath and be taken  seriously.  (of course WE always have taken these people seriously, as they are US, and that is OUR tribe!)

But the NEW way of discovering whether you are an empath is much more accurate and much more modern.  (here is a good list of empath qualities we recommend you read next)

Essentially, anyone can be an empath.  You can be skeptical about matters of “spirit” and still be exceptionally sensitive to the suffering of others.  You can feel overwhelmed by the energy of a room, or the emotional mood swings of your partner or peers, and qualify as an empath.

As a matter of fact, some  conventionally”bad” people are also now thought to be empaths as well.  How?  They find it easy to identify with the emotional energy of others, and can mimic or manipulate others more easily as a result.

What do YOU think?  What is the #1 question you have about your own experience as an empath…..or living with, working with,  or befriending one?

(update:  Empath readings are available, here)

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