Dream Visitation Experiences are the MOST common types of “angel” signs and guide visits

We are giving this one incredible priority of place, simply because of how often it happens, and how profound and powerful this experience can be for the individual.  There are millions of people who have had incredibly inspiring, empowering, helping and healing visits from a loved one in a spirit…..and no matter how avidly a skeptic or cynic wants to discount them, they are incredibly meaningful and transformative to the experiencer.  These can be vivid visual experiences, auditory, or simply a “Feeling” that your loved one, guide or “angel” is close.

Other signs that your angels may be near?

Room Temperature Swings.

Do you experience odd, unexplained changes in room temperature?  This is a hallmark (and often ridiculed) sign of paranormal activity that SOME people seem to experience far more than one would expect.

Unusual Scents that don’t line up or jive with where you smell them

If you’re smelling your Mom’s favorite perfume out in the woods, or your favorite uncle’s cigar smoke when you’re in your own (non smoking 🙂 apartment, this is a sign something out of the ordinary is going on….and in our view, is yet another sign that you are both SPIRITUALLY sensitive as well as being lovingly looked after by your favorite guide on the other side.

Other common signs can include:
Powerful precognitive experiences, often accompanied by a urgent message from your guide or loved one in spirit warning of a future event to avoid (or embrace)
Shared death experiences.  These are rare but growing more common in the medical literature – and are akin to a NDE but where you share in the near death experience of someone close to you but YOU come back to tell the tale.
(and are often visited frequently thereafter by your guide, as many believe the “veil” has been pierced in some way that allows for easier access for both of you)
Psychic medium readings that consistently show you that your loved one is close, and has a message to share.
Some of our favorite stories have come from our readers who have used inexpensive psychic mediums to get PROFOUND and powerful messages of hope, help and healing.
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