Will Trump be Impeached? Psychic Predictions for President Trump (and the 2020 Election)

What do psychics predict will happen to President Trump?  (will he be impeached….and WHO will win the 2020 election?)

Here is a brand new series we will be sharing featuring both psychic predictions about President Trump’s future and the 2020 presidential election:

  1.  The Psychic Twins famously predicted that Trump would NOT last 4 years in office.  Here is the article (and video) on what the Jamison Twins predicted for Trump.
  2. Psychic Medium Michael Martin (who wrote one of our favorite short books on becoming a medium) predicts that Trump will NOT be impeached, but will also NOT win the 2020 election.  (instead, he predicts a Democratic winner with a female Vice President in 2020 – he has stuck to his prediction that Amy Klobuchar would be on the winning ticket dating back over a year -(before she was officially running for President) and we will continue to pay attention to her, especially as a potential vice presidential pick if her campaign for the top job doesn’t pan out)
  3. We’ve had other recent submissions predicting that Trump WOULD be impeached… the next few weeks, but without lots of back up data to support why, so we’ll be posting those “predictions” as well – but only when they come with some more actionable insight into why.
  4. Psychic Source is offering special readings with Psychic Predictions for 2020.  Impress your friends, and family with unique, insightful election predictions from some of our favorite phone psychics and spiritual mediums around.

What do YOU think?  Are you a psychic with a prediction for the 2020 election?  Do you have some unique insight into the impeachment process taht you’d like to share with our community?  Send us an email ( and we’re happy to share!  🙂

  1. Anonymous

    My prediction is that the 2020 presidential election will be difficult and hard-fought, but that the Democrats will win the presidency narrowly.

    The image that appears to me is battlefield in front of the White House. The battle has just ended, and wisps of smoke are dying down. A blue flag is hoisted tiredly, signaling a Democratic victory. The flag is a medium or lighter shade of blue, not bright blue, so I would guess that the victory is narrow.

    [Another possible interpretation of the medium blue or light blue flag is that the victor is a centrist or a moderate (Biden? Klobuchar? Buttigieg?) or someone who has switched parties (Bloomberg?) .]

    1. goodkarma

      Thanks for your comment – I think – ignoring all “intuitive” information or precognitive powers – the general common sense consensus is that it’s 1. Going to be super close (predicated on recent history and the Electoral College – where only a few states ultimately will matter) and 2. While we’d be super surprised if any of the names you mention outside of Biden gets the Democratic nomination, anything is possible – and the numbers do support a Dem victory, although it will be close. (Biden is clearly the favorite, although Bernie may break through!)

  2. Eric

    I think the. Democrats will lose a lot of votes in California.
    People going to be shocked by the results actually .
    A lot lot of people say I m going to vote for trump but don’t say anything to anybody because they don’t want to offend anybody.
    Americans are tied about the crap from the democrats.
    Actually Donald trump may win the election 2020
    I’m telling you
    Is going to be again. A shock

    1. goodkarma

      Very, very unlikely Eric 🙂 I’m not a psychic – nor am i a professional political prognosticator – but the chances that Trump wins again are exceptionally small – and I think you’re going to find that your prediction above ages very, very badly in a few weeks 🙂

  3. David L Campbell

    Trump will remain in office another four years. The Socialist Party (New Democrats) overtook the true Democratic party once well respected. This is a coo to overthrow America but will not succeed due to the collective energy of the world, not only the United States.

    1. goodkarma

      Good luck with that hot take, David – check back on January 20th to see how well your self confidence in the above statement ages 🙂 (quick prediction – you couldn’t be more wrong 😉

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