Here is the real secret to connecting to your spiritual support team, your spirit guides, or your guardian angels in 4 simple steps:

1. Ask
2. Listen
4. Believe

For many of you, this is going to sound so simple, that it defies belief. But in an era where the majority of “spiritual” advice is padded with a whole bunch of new age nuttiness, the transparent truth is much closer than most of us ever realize. Of course, there is a bit of a process for implementing this approach AUTHENTICALLY in your life, and you do NOT want to simply “believe” everything. (You DO want to keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.)

But if truly want to connect with your angels and guides, you simply start with an “ask.” Not of an expert or a medium, or even an article like this one. You simply set the intention, set the target of your intention (either a specific soul or particular person or in a generic way to the universe at large) and you simply ask for a sign.

You ask for support.

And you ask for EVIDENCE. And then you begin the process of listening.

First, light listening. And then, when you are ready…..what we call DEEP listening, where you are actually embed your awareness in the sounds and signs and evidence that appears in your awareness, without the thinking mind getting in the way.

We’re going to be covering much of this in a new course coming out in Feb of 2020 – if you’re interested in connecting to your angels, spirit guides and what we call spiritual support team in the sky (it’s not really the “sky” by the way – instead, there are simply standing a slender shred a wide window away from where you are right now)

The new course will cover all of this and more – and be taught by several of our favorite spiritual teachers on the platform. Email us for registration info, or just bookmark this page and return on Feb 1 for course registration info!

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