So You Think You’re an Empath?

What do empaths see differently?

Or maybe the better question is, what do empaths FEEL differently than the rest of us? There is much misconception about what “makes” an empath, and how empaths interact with others, and navigate the world. Stated simply, and empath is a sponge. We tend to feel the emotions of others more strongly than normal, and this can lead to incredible connections, increased compassion, and an energetic electricity that can sometimes feel exhilirating and incredibly euphoric.

It can also lead to taking on negative mind states, an increase in depression and paradoxically, even social isolation. Empaths can often feel overwhelmed by negative news, and the suffering of the world can often feel like it’s our own.

Here is a popular article we wrote last year about 10 traits common to empaths that is well worth re-reading in 2020. (with all of the craziness going on in the world, and the political polarization, empaths everywhere are feeling the fear, and the toxic emotional undertones more than ever before)

And if you are an empath who is struggling to find your footing, our friends at Psychic Source are offering special empath only readings that can help you explore your edges, seek your center and get yourself back on track in 2020, especially if you’re feeling lost or listless in the new year. (like many of our spiritual friends are reporting)

Life purpose readings for Empaths 

how are empaths better?

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