10 Ways Light Workers Change the World (And the #1 Thing Most “Fake” Healers Do to Piss us Off!)

You love being around people but also honor and value solitude and time to reflect. You are mindful of your thoughts, your intentions and the energy and attitude you bring out into the world.
10 signs you're a light worker

Are you a light worker?  Do you feel called to serve, to inspire, to move and motivate others to discover magic, meaning and mojo in every day life?  There is no shortage of pain, suffering and spiritual longing in today’s world….and while it may NOT be obvious to all, in our view, there has never been a more potent and powerful time for you to do the work that you came here to do. 

If you resonate or identify with the light worker’s mission, here are 10 simple traits you probably already recognize in yourself.  (now it’s time to OWN them all)

  1. You feel deeply called to offer hope, help or healing to others in need.
  2. You feel a deep sense of curiosity, and connection to the emotions, energy of others, and are led by empathy, even with difficult people.
  3. You are a serious spiritual seeker.  (and may have natural mediumistic or psychic abilities)
  4. You feel feel a natural connection to ecological issues and to the ethical treatment of all sentient beings.
  5. You feel called to explore and expand your own natural talents in the spiritual or expanded awareness spaces.  (meditation, consciousness and otherwise)
  6. You aren’t fearless.  Instead, you’ve learned to be courageous in the face of an uncertain world and lead with courage and confidence.
  7. You’ve had at least one kundalini type of experience.  (where you’ve felt energy arising in the body in strange yet scintilating ways)
  8. You love being around people but also honor and value solitude and time to reflect.
  9. You are mindful of your thoughts, your intentions and the energy and attitude you bring out into the world.
  10. You have a resonance with specific sequences of digits, numbers or spiritual symbols.  (for example, you may see the number 911 frequently, as many light workers, healers and gifted empaths recognize patterns that others overlook.
  11. If you’re interested in diving deeper into your natural healing gifts, we recommend trying a free psychic or intuitive reading with one of our partner platforms – who can help you unblock or uncover aspects of your gifts that you really need to explore.
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  1. I have experienced all those things and even more .it as if i can hear people’s thinking and i can predict what will happen next. I also hate it when im around people and their energy is bad . It makes me angry which makes people think i get angry easily. I also have strange dreams that feels so real . Please help me.

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