Modern Spiritualism: Meet the young people who believe they’re communicating with the dead

I start thinking about the conversations I would have with my nan if she were still alive. For instance, I know little about her childhood or why she’d always wished I’d become a teacher and not a journalist. I feel suddenly apprehensive – are some things better off left alone?

Next, Ashley says he has a message for Nichola, that she thinks is from her recently-deceased grandfather. I watch her break into a relaxed smile as Ashley’s clues apparently lead her to a lightbulb moment.

“I’m seeing bricks,” Ashley tells her. “They’re stacked up, one side is taller than the other. He wants you to keep building yourself up… he knows that people have underestimated you, and he’s so proud of what you’ve overcome”.

I feel emotional. It’s not even my message. Nichola is nodding. She seems reassured by what Ashley is saying.

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