Are You a Medium?

What #psychic mediums know that the rest of us don’t: The best time to speak to your loved ones in spirit? It’s NOT going to see your favorite “Yelp” medium 🙂 Instead, it’s when you’re in deep sleep….and your guides, loved ones and “earth angels” appear to give you an important message you need to know…..or need to urgently get to someone else in need” – Michael Martin

    1. Their love surrounds you, of course. They would never want you to feel alone. If you eliminate or try to lessen the effects of
      the people who are around you and cause a lot of extra and needless stress and drama and noise, it will be A LOT easier for you to feel the energy of the people that you are missing. Dont let people make you too distracted or you will constantly be focused on the wrong people and energy and things and you wont be able to feel their love around you

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