Twilight Experiences: Any or all the above which can occur during altered states of consciousness such as falling asleep, awakening from sleep, praying or meditating.

ADCs while Asleep: These sleep state ADCs are said to be different from regular dreams in that they are reported to be more intense and real than regular dreams.

Out of Body ADCs: These are out of body contact with the deceased that is described as a visitation with the departed in their new environment.

Physical Phenomena: These may include lights going off and on, objects falling from a shelf, appliances turning on or items being moved around.

Telephone Calls: These are said to be among the more frequently occurring signs. Calls may occur while awake or asleep. People have reported their phones ringing and hearing messages from the deceased.

Symbolic ADCs: People often look for signs that their loved one is still with them. These signs can take many forms such as feathers, coins, butterflies, flowers, etc.

This is a wonderful and insightful article on the many ways “spirit” communicates with us – especially, during periods of transition or grief. Are all of these experiences “evidence” that life after death is real? Of course not. Many of these expereinces are easily explained away by skeptics, cynics and non believers. But in total – in aggregate – when taken together, they often provide hope, help and healing to those of us who seek out spiritual signs and reassurance, and from a first person perspective – can be an incredibly evidential spiritual sign that our loved ones remain, as close (or closer) than ever.

Read the whole piece, below:

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