Meghan Markle Wants a Baby Girl: Psychic Richard Win Shares All

What do psychics predict for Meghan and Harry? Psychic Medium Richard Win reveals the inside scoop on his private reading with Meghan in LA….and the astonishing predictions he made for her family….and her future!

MUM-to-be Meghan confided in a psychic that she wants a little girl and hopes to have several children, The Sun on Sunday can reveal. She has made secret visits for spiritual advice — like her husb…

Richard Win reveals some of the confidential details of his reading with Meghan Markle mere months before she met Prince Harry.   Curious to know what lies in store for Meghan?  Continue reading to learn what Richard Win sees in Meghan’s future….including his intuitive impressions on her spiritual life.

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  1. Do Not believe in anything form Richard Winarick, he is a snake oil salesman, only interested in old lady $$$ and made a living from being a fraud and by suing everyone and everything to get $$$, not worth more than $50.00 for an hour and purely entertainment, no real skills in readings.

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