Are Famous Mediums Cheating? An Inside Look at How the Guerrilla Skeptics Expose Celebrity “Psychic Mediums”

How one skeptical organization is setting it’s sights on “famous” psychic mediums…..and some of the alarming results ought to jolt all of us who value trust, truth and transparency.  

Reporter Jack Hitt was there during the development and execution of one sting memorably called “Operation Peach Pit.” Gerbic’s team essentially created fake Facebook profiles for people who bought tickets to a show featuring “medium” Matt Fraser. Those fake profiles would include a lot of very specific, very false, details about their lives. If the sting worked, Fraser would “recall” those fake details during the main event… suggesting that his ability to “connect” with dead people was really the result of some quick Googling and Facebook searching. I won’t give away how that sting turned out, though you can read the participants’ writeup here.

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