Zach Bush, MD | What Happens When We Die? A Magnificent Monologue on Living a Life of Light, Love and Spiritual Service

A triple board certified physician, master healer & consciousness, Zach Bush, MD is a triple board certified physician and one of the most compelling medical…

This is a wonderfully inspiring short talk on what a world class MD and palliative care professional has experienced witnessing death…..up close and intimately.  What Dr Bush shares here is seeing death as an ecstatic expansion – and a continuation of consciousness – rather than an abrupt ending to life.  Wise and wonderful words on the value of living in the light now…..and resting in the reassurance that your true nature is always love.

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  1. In credible Talk. Zach bush is a true Rennaissance Human.
    Thanks for posting this
    Palliative care and integrated natural community for seniors is part of the wisdom of the Elders.. as is the conscious “Transition” Called death but is a release to :”life”

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