Can Empaths Change the World?

Q:  Is there an ideal profession for an empath?  Are all empaths psychics or mediums or tarot readers or yogis…..or working in the energy or ethereal “industries?”

A.  We get a lot of questions about the role of empaths in society, and how we can use our gifts for quite literally, changing the world.

A simple way you can use your empathic gifts in the service of something bigger than you is to advocate for the disadvantaged….and use your enhanced ability to feel the plight of others who may live on the fringes, to spread wisdom to the rest of us who way too often, look the other way.

For more advice for empaths, check out the linked resources in the article here.

Empaths have the innate ability to affect a profound impact on the world around them. Early on in their development, it might seem as if the world is just

empath gifts

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