My afternoon with a psychic was anything but predictable

An interesting afternoon with psychic  Robyn Carissa – an a deep dive into the basis for belief.   Does the information in this reading convince you that Robyn Carissa is getting information from the spirit realm?  Or, does it sound like more generic information that could apply to anyone of a certain age?   (while we don’t know Robyn Carissa ourselves, nothing in this description of the reading sounds evidential, or especially interesting – although we obviously weren’t there)

Do you believe in psychic mediums?  And if so…..why?  If not….why not?  According to this reporter, more than 75% of Canadians overall believe in psychics, with women being more likely than men to believe in the spirit world.

 It’s easy to cast judgment on psychics and mediums from afar, but what about when they turn their attention on you?

“There’s a lot of uncertainty in life. People will often go see psychics because they’re having relationship problems or financial problems or career problems — some kind of crisis,” said Stollznow. “So they’re very open minded and wanting to find answers.

“If they’re given feedback which seems to resemble them in anyway, they often lap it up and think, ‘This person knows me.'”

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