Reading With Roberta Tavassoli: Meet Sonja Morgan's Personal Psychic

When Tavassoli finally leaned into her gifts of seeing past, present, and future dimensions, she was in her 40s. With an endorsement by famed paranormal researcher and author Hans Holzer as the real deal, Tavassoli ultimately developed the confidence to intuitively guide her own destiny, and help others do the same. But as PAPER found out, communing with spirits and entities isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. “You don’t want this gift, I’m telling you,” she confides.

An interview with psychic medium and TV personality Roberta Tavassoli – who shocks, surprises and outrages with every other sentence 🙂  You’ve been warned.  (If you’re at the office….don’t read this out loud – it’s NSFW 😉

Her message, whether you are a believer or a cynic, is a positive one. In her readings, her on-camera personality shines through: as mentioned, she’s just as charmingly off-the-cuff, hilarious, and totally outrageous in the flesh as she is on Housewives. Read our sit down with Tavassoli to learn more, below.

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