Pam Coronado. Psychic Detectives, Understanding Psychic Abilities & Practical Psychic Q and A

Pam Coronado, psychic detective, shares her insight, perspective and experiences involving the use of psychic abilities applied while solving crimes and find…

Pam Coronado is a unique, interesting and inspiring speaker, teacher and leader in the psychic development and remote viewing space.  She speaks clearly, explains articulately and adds a much needed layer of intellectual understanding to the magic and mystery of consciousness, psychic abilities and the invisible world around us all.

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  1. Hello my name is Terry, I could really use your help. I have had to endure some viscous,brutal assaults by a gang of witches. These people have also assaulted children. They created a near death experience in my life. I need to talk about what can has happened and what I know. To someone with experience. Please contact me. These people have gotten away with volitle crimes for years. They have the ability to see and hear everything I do like scipe program on a computer. They talk thru my mouth. Experimented on my body, for a few years now. I’ve been thru so much some days it unbelievable that I’m still here.

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