Jack Medium: Is This 16 Year Old The World’s Youngest Celebrity Psychic?

Move over Tyler Henry……..Jack Barnsley may be the worlds youngest psychic medium – and he’s getting his fair share of love and affection from around the world on social media (along with some outspoken skepticism as well) IMPORTANT UPDATE/NOTE! Please read some of the experiences reported by commenters below before responding to any offer/opportunity to get a reading with “Jack” – and make sure you get a good image of him in mind – as he seems to use different names/handles to solicit readings from unsuspecting (and grieving) people……often parents.

IMPORTANT UPDATE/NOTE! Please read some of the experiences reported by commenters below before responding to any offer/opportunity to get a reading with “Jack” – and make sure you get a good image of him in mind – as he seems to use different names/handles to solicit readings from unsuspecting (and grieving) people……often parents.


A Yorkshire teenager has a career nobody saw coming – after becoming Britain’s youngest online psychic.

  1. I was part of a group of people that reported Jack Barnsley to the police and Action Fraud late last year. Since many more people have come forward. Jack, albeit a child, is a conman and although not the outcome we wanted, the Sheffield Youth Justice team issued the offender a Youth Caution in respect of reported fraud offences. It also forms part of his criminal record. Sheffield police have been more than wonderful but this kid thinks he is immune and carries on doing fake readings and taking people’s hard earned cash. He recently advertised a hotel in Kent where he would be holding a Mediumship evening and plastered it all over Facebook. The hotel had never heard of him and had to contact him to remove their name from his adverts. He took money for this event that will never be. Our case is now closed but I urge anyone else that he has stolen from or taken advantage of, get in touch with Action Fraud and the police and report him.
    I am more than happy to provide any or all proof of everything I have mentioned on the email address provided

    1. Thanks very much for the update – no proof required – I think the tsunami of evidence and experiences shared here speaks volumes 🙂 We have also updated the original post with an additional warning(s)- so that folks who read it, are directed to these comments for more clarity. thanks!

  2. Scammer! Trolls people to get info on them, takes money and won’t do a reading but claims all his reads are free if you share his posts. He takes money of vulnerable people for his own gain

  3. He’s actually using these links to promote himself, hows he’s endorsed with all these newspapers as well as name dropping well known psychics like sally Morgan! Like he does the work for free cause he loves helping others then you receive a private message for £20 to get the free reading!

  4. I am so pleased I found this page. My friend very sadly lost her gorgeous baby many years ago. It is very evident to see from her Facebook page with name and dates etc. as she very proudly posts photos of her sweet angel. This boy Jack contacted my friend saying he had messages for her from her daughter. He then asked her to pay. In only what I can describe as a tizz and being in shock, she paid the money without thinking and he was never heard from again, even going as far as blocking her when she asked for her money back. She was distraught to say the least. Please save your money and go to a real medium who is not scamming people. We have since heard lots of stories about him and believe the police recently opened a case against him. He is also a minor at age 16.

    1. That’s a terrible story – and if true – clearly an example of the worst type of behavior this industry has to offer. It’s bad enough to hear stories about fake mediums conning people who come to them – but it’s worse to hear about a fake medium, seeing out others to scam. We don’t have any experience with Jack – and again – this was just a story we linked to in a UK newspaper – but I’m glad so many people are commenting here, as many others will find this post – and will save themselves the expense (emotionally and otherwise) of having to endure a similar experience.

      1. Yes thank you it was a very horrible experience for her. I think you will be getting a few comments as this site is circulating and there are a lot of very angry people. Thank you for having a site like this that can warn people

        1. This was actually me, my daughter passed away from cancer when she was 14 months old, she was diagnosed at 11 weeks old, jack messaged me a few days before Xmas eve last year and said he was in contact with my daughter and gave her name and asked if I knew who she was he asked for money which I paid without even thinking about it, I’m still kicking myself now for it as normally I wouldn’t of done, time of year and it was also a few weeks away from her 18th birthday, I messaged asking when I would receive this letter from heaven as he called it he said I was getting it that night then he blocked me, I’m not using my name on daughters on here as I’ve already received abuse off of him but you have my email address if you want any proof

          1. I’m terribly sorry that happened to you – and it’s astonishing that someone could be so sociopathic – and heartless – to actually go out looking for people to prey on, with this sort of scam. (and i’d add, in your specific set of circumstances, to my mind, when a child is involved, it makes it that much more inexplicably evil. (a word I don’t use often – but it feels like this fits the bill) I’d also add, while i’m not a
            psychiatrist, nor a mental health professional, it sounds to me like “Jack” is quite a disturbed kid – and that saddens us as well. If we can help in any way – please let us know!

          2. I have my head around what’s happened to my daughter, he could easily do so much damage to someone like me who had recently lost their child, that pain is like pain like no other, it’s being dead inside but still living, Jack shows no remorse to anyone and keeps continuing only a recent page he had shutdown was asking for people who had lost babies and children to be tagged for a free reading.

          3. I agree 🙁 So terrible – and so glad so many people have stopped by here to share their experience – If nothing else, i’m sure it will prevent at least a few others from having this done to them.

  5. No surprise there. Hope the police catch up with all this scam artists and soon there should be a hefty penalty for these type of peps

  6. Jack Barnsley is thee biggest con artist who takes people’s cash and doesn’t give reading once they’ve paid for his so called readings, his names are jack brown, jack James, jack medium, and psychic jack jones medium, won’t be long until this page disappears as well , police are all over him for fraud He preys on the most vunerable people in society who are desperate to receive messages from loved ones who have passed and uses named mediums to get followers and likes, this boy needs serious help he has serious issues and needs to be stopped!

    1. Thanks to all who are commenting on this – we certainly weren’t endorsing “Jack” from personal experience – nor doing anything other than linking to stories about him published in overseas newspapers – as always, sunlight is the best disinfectant, and publicly calling out those who steal, scam or otherwise take advantage of people (in this industry, or any other) is the absolute best way to ensure those that deserve scorn, get it. Rather than “take down” the original post, we’re going to leave it up – so that anyone searching for Jack Barnsley can read the thoughts shared here – as clearly, the comments reflect much more first hand knowledge of his “work” than we have.

  7. Complete joke this one he took my money and never gave a reading and offers free readings to thousands of people which is not possible

  8. Scam!! This boy has been in trouble with the police. He takes advantage of vulnerable people and takes people’s money without giving them any ‘readings’. Police are currently getting his pages closed down hence the numerous names changes. Do not support this scam artist. He is giving real mediums a bad name

    1. This man is an absolute con artist and fraud! I’ve had first hand dealings with him myself when he run his page from another jack page before that got shut down because he was found out. He sent me a friend request from his personal Facebook page and at the time I just thought he genuinely wanted to be friends with me! Little did I know he was looking at my profile and picking out bits of information and writing them down to use incase I ever commented on a live! While watching him live one evening the phone fell and their was a list of his handwritten names dates etc from other people who he sent friend requests too. Then swore and the live cut off. When he came back people were questioning him about it and he said he was reading Harry Potter!! That was not a Harry Potter book believe me!!! Before I saw this that evening I had paid him for a private reading which I never got even after chasing asking when I was going to get it! Maybe he hadn’t done enough research on me at that point!! I would urge anyone not to believe a word he says as he’s a liar and a fake and no idea how he can name drop famous mediums when they don’t know him and also have nothing to do with him! STAY WELL CLEAR!!

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