Do I Have a Spirit Guide? 12 Simple and Beautiful Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Something else that we recommend if you’re truly interested in exploring the notion of spirit guides and guardian angels in a practical and pragmatic way? Check out – a great site featuring tons of near death experiences from ordinary people – many of which feature guardian angels, spirit guides and a strong sense of being watched and protected…..even amongst folks who were previously skeptical about anything spiritual.

how to talk to angels

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Some simple tips for connecting to your spirit guides from Gabby Bernstein, including some of her favorite ways to find faith…..when doubt and despair set in.

One of our favorite ways to reify your belief that the universe is kind, compassionate and looking after you?  Try to adopt that as a mantra (the universe works for me) and difficult situations appear more like teachings, or opportunities to grow and flow, rather than fold into fear.


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