I went to a psychic medium to overcome my grief, and it was incredible.

An interesting, albeit light article on how a psychic mediumship reading can help transform grief into gratitude, and pain into power.  (and purpose as well)  What many people don’t realize, is that a mediumship reading can often be incredibly healing, and transformative, even for folks who aren’t 100% convinced they believe in spiritual concepts like an afterlife.  (some people find one mediumship reading more beneficial than years of therapy, after a loss)

Are all medium readings going to make you feel 100% okay – right away?  Of course not.  But some can.  (And often do)  And while this particular article is a bit light on details (i’d like to have known more about what the medium in question saw and said) this is the most popular reason our own audience seeks out spiritual guidance – so it’s good to hear positive stories, when they happen!  What about you?  Share your own healing experiences with mediumship on our FB page, or in the comments below.

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