Theresa Caputo Talks Family, Faith & Cyber Bullying.

It’s truly terrible what Victoria has gone through……

One of the really unfortunate things that many celebrity’s suffer is the cyber bullying or “trolling” that is visited upon their friends and family, as an extension of their connection to a well known (or even controversial) celebrity.  

Running many spiritual communities, I can tell you from first hand experience, psychic mediums get it worse.  (and if you’re a celebrity psychic medium, you’re going to get trolled, insulted, and “flamed” by many people who simply don’t believe that any of this work is possible – hence, they feel entitled to insult and berate, in the spirit of saving others from psychic or spiritual “scams”.

Theresea Caputo gets a lot of hate – and that’s no surprise – but what IS a suprirse, is the amount of hate being visitsed on her family – as she reveals in today’s article.

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