Psychic medium Shawn Leonard shares gift through events, shows and brand new book

Leonard’s path to becoming a medium and helping people connect with spirits was a winding road, which he outlines in his book. After his father passed as a teenager, he came to Leonard in a dream, kickstarting a life that been interwoven with spirits ever since — but one that was not easy as he tried to navigate what having these gifts meant.

“Everybody has a journey, when you are following your path, it’s like following the bread crumbs, things just line up,” says Leonard. “Sometimes even when things are going wrong, they are going right. Not all roadblocks are roadblocks, they are giving you a nudge in the right direction.”


One thought on “Psychic medium Shawn Leonard shares gift through events, shows and brand new book

  • Donna Devereaux

    I love your show on APTN…I was born in NFLD.(1951) and I always had the feeling that the old generation of people there considered natives very negatively….as ? savages ?… I am so so sorry to even say that…but it was the case!! I have a strong affection for anything native and I cannot accept the RC religion anymore after hearing about the residential abuse. What a horror and shame…I can only hope that Karma is real.
    You are a truly blessed and gifted and forgiving person. Thank you


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