Find a Good Medium in LA

Looking for a legit medium in LA?  We get tons of questions from readers about locating a good “non celebrity” medium in Los Angeles, who isn’t going to break the bank.  

The good news?  We’ve received tons of positive, profound and powerful personal experience from our readers on THEY’RE experiences with psychics and mediums in LA – the vast majority of which, have been very good.   Mediums like Justine Kenzer, Medium Fleur, Jack O’rourke and many others, come up in conversation, quite often, from our own  audience.   Check out the short article below on some of the top psychics in Los Angeles, or if  you have a favorite recommendation, let us know about it on FB, or in the community comments below.

Q: Who are the most famous psychic mediums in LA? Who are the psychics the celebrities see when they have a problem? (this question, paraphrased for brevity and clarity, came…

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