Brian Weiss 2019 Events

PIC FROM Kennedy News and Media (PICTURED: CHARLIE BETTY, FOUR, WHO TALKS ABOUT HIS PAST LIVES) A mum was forced to explain to her son’s teacher that her husband had not drowned – because the youngster told her about dead loved ones from his PAST LIVES. Megan Betty, from Bridgwater, Somerset, says her son Charlie began telling strange stories from as soon as he could speak when the youngster was just two years old. The 27-year-old mum was stunned when the tot described how he had died when he was a baby after choking on something and that his ‘mother’ was very upset. SEE KENNEDY NEWS COPY

Explore your past lives, karma, learn how to do regression therapy and all sorts of cool and creative spiritual exploration techniques.  Dr. Brian Weiss’s 2019 schedule of events is here.

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