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Now Reading: Princess Diana's Psychic Shares Her Thoughts


Princess Diana's Psychic Shares Her Thoughts

svgOctober 16, 2018Musingsgoodkarma

DIANA’S close friend and self-styled energy healer says that Princess Diana, who she claims she still speaks to beyond the grave, has told her she’s thrilled with Meghan Markle’s pregnancy announcement.

Psychic Simone Simmons claims Princess Diana will talk directly to the new royal baby – just like she “talks to Princess Charlotte”.

She also claims…..

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One Comment:

  • Ronald Stein

    October 22, 2020 / at 9:09 amsvgReply

    How do I get in touch with Simone? I used to manage and work with Agnes Freeman, anther famous Medium, who told me things about Princess Diana and Simone she was told by Simone confidentially.

    Ronald Stein
    Missing, Research & Enquiry Service.

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    Princess Diana's Psychic Shares Her Thoughts

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