What does it feel like to be psychic? Here is what some of our favorite mediums say…..about the experience of being psychic

Hey all – with a (soggy!) september finally here, and a new season to celebrate, we’re revisiting some of our most popular interviews, with some of our favorite psychic mediums, for your reading enjoyment 🙂  We’ve also got a whole new slew of interviews coming in the 2019/2019 version of Conversations with Clairvoyants, and a members only section where we take a deep dive behind the scenes….and explore the lives of some of the unexpected, and unconventional challenges and surprises many mediums experience.

In the meantime, here are some of our most popular interviews from our Conversations with Clairvoyants series, including 10 Questions with Psychic Medium Heidi Jaffe, 10 Questions with celebrity psychic medium Laura Powers,   

an interview with spiritual teacher and author Susan Grau, and recent conversations with spiritual explorer Laurie Marie and others.

We’ve got lots of other cool stuff coming on the conversational front, so if you enjoy these as much as most of our audience has, look forward to much more goodness to come!

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