Have You Ever Had a Psychic Dream?

One of the more interesting things that many professional psychics, mediums and spiritual “seers” have in common, is a propensity to experience precognitive dreams. In a really quick, informal survey we did last year of some of the members of our community, out of over 100 + mediums we asked, more than 90 said they either have regular (weekly) psychic dreams, or have had at least ONE major, spiritually transformative psychic dream that changed their lives. (typically, a dream visitation experience where a loved one came through in a very realistic and/or evidential way)

What about you? Do you have psychic dreams? Have you been visited by a loved one in the middle of the night? Do you have lucid dreams where you feel like you are awake, clear and conscious while dreaming….and if so, how does it land in, or inform your life?

Check out some of the articles around the web on psychic dreams, and while some of the ones linked below are hard to validate (e.g. – anyone can SAY they saw an event before it happened – but that doesnt’ neccessarily mean it’s true) – experiences like these are very common, and quite “ordinary”, no matter how extraordinary they seem to others.

I’m sure there are. Personally, I had a “dream”, or nightmare vision, about September 11, 2001, in late August of that year. It was not presented in a way that I could say, hey, this thing is going to happen. Instead, I was a person in a very tall building, on the 90th floor, looking out over a large city, with another tall building next to it, but most buildings were lower. I was standing next to a cubicle in a “bullpen” or “cube farm” of an office, and I could see water/river/lake sparkling a couple of blocks away—it was a clear blue day. Next, two aircraft came flying by the building, toward each other. One had a ball on the front instead of a nosecone. It looked alien or at least foreign. The two aircraft seemed to stop and confer with one another, then flew away in opposite directions, out of my line of vision. Then there was a very loud, horrible crashing or exploding sound. All I could think of was, I had to get out of there and get to my children—except it wasn’t about MY children, but whoever I was in this “dream”.


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