The Moment I Realized I Was Psychic

When did you first realize you were psychic?

knew i was psychicHere is a continuation of our series on psychic development, spiritual growth and the amazing epiphanies that so many on the path realize, that points them in a whole new cosmic direction. In today’s curated link from around the web, we look at some of the great intuitive content from MindbodyGreen – on psychic development and spiritual realization.

During my grade-school years, I began dreaming about enormous, magnificent angels. In my early teens, when my friend Lori and I were at a wedding together, at one point she looked to me as if she were engulfed by a misty gray cloud or aura. I never said a word about it to anyone, but the next day, I was devastated when my mom told me Lori had died from a sudden illness. I’d seen it coming in a way, and the gravity of this realization weighed on me.

I couldn’t get a handle on how one is meant to hone any intuitive ability, much less spin it into a fulfilling life.

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