To remember 9/11, here are some really inspiring books, blog posts and articles on the aftermath of that dreadful day – with the healing and hopeful message that many who lost loved ones, have had profound spiritual experiences thereafter, that have “proven” that love (and life) lives on after death.

Did all of this really happen?
Finally, our guide had another thought. “I’ve been taking you to all the newer locations that are available,” he said. “Let me show you one of the older areas.”

He drove us down the hill and to the right of where we had been looking. “There,” he pointed, “what about that area? See, over there.”

Lori and I got out of the car once more and walked up a slight incline to the place he was recommending. We stood there, breathing in the cold air. I shut my eyes and felt a new warmth flow through my body as the sun broke through the clouds. When I looked up, there it was. The great blue heron! Lori, whom I had already told about the earlier sighting, now saw it, too. It was right in front of me again, next to where the car was parked. The bird had come out of nowhere. It seemed impossible that we had neither heard nor seen him land, given the breadth of his wingspan.

A number of workers at the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island who were sifting the rubble from the 9/11 attacks reported seeing a female ghost holding a tray of sandwiches, a new book ­reveals.

“I thought she was trying to help us, being first responders,” said retired NYPD Lt. Frank Marra, author of “From Landfill to Hallowed Ground.”

The spectre was African-American, dressed in white, in the style of a Red Cross worker during World War II, Marra recalled.

Marra said he saw her a few times, always from more than 50 yards away. And each time, as he strained to make sense of what he was seeing — the ghostly lady vanished.

“But you could clearly see it was a person,” he said.

Now retired and living in Millstone, NJ, Marra, 48, said he initially buried the memory of the spirit.

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