List of Famous Mediums

When we first opened this psychic directory, every medium who joined told us they were famous 🙂  Famous is obviously a pretty subjective thing – after all, there are lots of super famous celebrities I’ve never even  heard of….which is a constant reminder how old i’m getting!  But that said, there are definitely some legitimately famous psychic mediums who most people know of….even if they’re super skeptical about psychic abilities, the afterlife, etc.  (Sylvia Browne, for example, was certainly FAMOUS, even though I don’t personally think she was really gifted in any legitimate way)

So who do YOU believe are the most famous psychics in the world today?  Are there folks we ought to know about and invite to be part of our community…….that you DON’T see here?  Tell us what (and who) we’re missing when it comes to famous mediums in our own list – and we’re happy to expand our membership to include your favorites as well.

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