3 Ridiculously Easy Steps for Developing Your Psychic Abilities Through Meditation

meditation for spiritual growth

Here is a super simple 3 step process for enhancing, growing and developing your intuition through meditation practice.  There is much more to say about each of these concepts of course, but in short, it works like this:

Step 1.  Listen for Sounds You Can’t Hear  (expanded awareness meditation)

Step 2.  Deep Listening (get as close to the sounds you DO hear as possible)

Step 3.  Sound Separation (once you get really close and clear, try to parse out or separate sounds in a very disciplined way)


meditation for spiritual growth
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One  of the best ways to understand the above is through this simple exercise.

  • Try to hear the sounds of ships in a distant harbor.
  • Just pick a city, and a harbor, that is well away from where you live.
  • Now, while sitting……just become infinitely receptive to the sounds of those ships.

Of course, for most of us…..this feels like an excercise in foolishness.

How can you possibly hear the ships in a harbor that are hundreds or even thousands of miles away?

But what happens is this:  Quite simply, and very subtly, you begin to pick up sounds that feel very much like they are coming from that distant harbor 🙂  you aren’t sure whether you are imagining this of course, or whether the sounds are really coming from a far away place.

The next step is to listen deeply.  REALLY deeply.  Just absorb yourself in the act of listening.

Soon, what you’ll discover, if you do this with discipline, that the sense of listening disappears.  The sense of YOU disappears, too.  The meditation instruction for this, which is thousands of years old, tells us – “in the hearing, only the hearing”  There is no you listening – only the energy of listening itself.

Of course, this starts to feel like super weird ninja new age nonsense…….but it’s available to learn, and experience for yourself, right now – if you choose.

The last step, is sound separation.  Learning to parse and pull and distinguish between all the subtle sounds and sensations that are arising.

In that weird, wacky and wonderful space – that space of pure freedom – where only the canvas of pure conciousness remains, everything that appears has a high resolution, crystal clear clarity that is incredibly cool and creative and clarifying.

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