John Edward: New Show, Fan Readings, Upcoming Events and More

Good news for fans of John Edward. A new show on Facebook, lots of social media updates, fan readings, upcoming events and more are all in store….as the once mega medium enjoys a bit of a long awaited return to the social media spotlight.

We’ve seen John in person a number of times….and love him or hate him, he’s one of the most compelling psychic mediums of the last 100 years. His gifts are either 100% uniquely special + genuine, or he’s the best actor to ever appear on TV 🙂 (which, having seen him act, I can tell you he’s not)

Have heard some exciting things are coming from John Edward over the next 12 months – some of his recent FB episodes (live readings) are well worth watching. There is no single medium who is more popular with his peers than JE – and that is often all the validation folks in this business truly want.

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